to be a

better workplace.

to be a

better workplace.

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Your company doesn’t run without your people.

Your people don’t strive for greatness without the right blend of inspiration, experience and support.

And every once in a while, it’s nice to be recognized when you get the combination right.

At striveHR, we guide aspirational companies through the process of pursuing a best workplace distinction in their city and/or their industry.

84% of employees are engaged at a Top Workplace, 36% are engaged at an Average Workplace.

(IndyStar 2020)

We help you focus on:

  • Creating a culture you’re proud of
  • Understanding each employee’s strengths, talents and unique characteristics
  • Keeping your top talent engaged and enthusiastic
  • Helping you stand out in the crowd to attract the best and brightest
  • Navigating the submission process to earn your official designation as a place your employees are proud to work


Whether you’ve been consistently named a best workplace or have always wished you could achieve such recognition, we’re here to help.