Your HR Coach


HR pro, I know you. You are advocating for your employees, supporting the strategic direction of your organization, keeping your company compliant, preparing your employees of today for their development of tomorrow. And those things probably only scratch the surface of all you’re doing in a day (or an hour).

So it’s no wonder that you are feeling overwhelmed, struggling to focus and constantly re-organizing your priority list.

You know it’s important to align HR direction with business initiatives and influence your leaders.

You know continuous improvement is crucial to development of your organization’s success.

You know these and many more tasks are so important but you also know you could benefit from someone on your side. Someone who can be a confidential advisor to you and help you grow in your HR career, someone outside your organization with an unbiased opinion. You need someone who has been in your seat who can guide you through those difficult decisions and provide guidance through the constant turns.

Instead of feeling like you’re in it alone, the HR Coach relationship gives you a phone-a-friend when you need it. A trusted resource. A true lifeline.

Sure, you can sign up for another webinar to learn how to manage your inbox more efficiently. You can attend another course that gives you the best practices of compliance, payroll or benefits. There’s a lot of great information out there, and you’ve probably already seen a lot of it.

But ask yourself…

Where will you get the customized professional development and support you need?

Where will you get the one-on-one attention to address the specific situations you are encountering?

Where will you get the environment to collaborate and connect with someone who understands your role and gives you an objective opinion?

What if you had a safe, confidential environment to ask questions and bounce ideas?

If any of these are thoughts that have run through your head in the middle of the night, we should talk.

The HR Coach program was designed specifically for you (really, for YOU!).

How it works:

  • Bi-Monthly, 60 minute one-on-one conversations
  • Access between conversations through email/Slack
  • Skills to enhance your contribution as a strategic business advisor
  • Strategies to learn how to have those important and sometimes difficult conversations
  • HR Coach relationships are typically 90 day or 6 month engagements

Does this sound like what you are looking for?

If yes, let’s hop on the phone to explore together.