striveHR President

Angie Redmon

I believe in empowering people. I have invested more than two decades learning what makes good companies great, and it always comes back to the same thing: Companies who care about their people as much as they care about their bottom line are more likely to recruit and retain outstanding employees.

After climbing the ranks in Human Resources with multiple companies in diverse industries, I turned my focus to helping organizations develop their people strategy.

I led the teams that earned a combined 15 Best Places to Work/Best Banks to Work For/Top Workplaces designations in my tenure.

Now, I help hand-picked company leaders understand why people work there and how they can continue to retain their top-notch talent. My work is a blend of art + science. I use data to help companies rise through the ranks to gain workplace award distinction and I use my years of experience as an HR leader to support other HR professionals through facilitated peer groups.

It’s more than the award. Whether I’m working one-on-one with a company leader or leading an organization through their climb to the top of a workplace award list, my pure delight occurs when I see employees giving their best and a company giving its best back to them in return.